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Personalized Treatment Plan

Personalized Treatment Plan

Cancer and Gene

Given the high variety of tumor cells, and the different physical conditions of patients, now we can quickly decode the tumor DNA and identify cancer-related mutations by the application of cancer genomic testing, e.g. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Comprehensive genomic profiling allows specialists to identify the optimal treatment for each patient.

What is cancer?

Cancer begins when genes in a cell become abnormal and the cell starts to grow and divide out of control.

How does genomic testing find the best treatment for the patient?

Genomic testing can identify the mutations that drive the patient's tumor growth. Since patients of the same cancer type often carry different mutations, genomic testing allows doctors to select the optimal treatments based on the individual's genomic profile. On the other hand, patients with different cancer types may harbor the same genetic mutations, so genomic profiling can sometimes identify more treatment options across cancer types. For example, a drug approved for breast cancer may benefit a lung cancer patient carrying a genetic alteration more commonly seen in breast cancer.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Our Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) is formed by experienced specialists that aim to provide the most comprehensive and personalized treatment for every patient. Personalized Treatment Plan also includes combined therapies that are specially designed based in the patient’s condition and individual needs.

Multi-Disciplinary Cancer Therapy simplifies the entire treatment process by gathering different experienced specialists to discuss patient cancer diagnoses from a diverse set of perspectives and provide a comprehensive treatment plan for patients. This is a relatively time-saving approach for patients as they might not have to waste time on referrals.

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